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Business Plan
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Do you ever lose all your books, notebooks, and other things? Then the tracker is for you.

The name of my product is the tracker. You clip it on to your notebooks, and anything. To use it, you have to buy the app called track your tracker, and if you hook it up, you can call the tracker anywhere, and it will start beeping.

My product will be successful because many people lose things, and it is not fun to lose things.

My product will succeed because no one likes the feeling of losing their things. The cost to make my product is $100 for a 6 pack. To buy it, it costs $150 for a 6 pack.

I think that people with children will buy my product, because children have a lot of books and stuff.

How I will advertise to potential buyers is by making billboards, and ads, and a catchy slogan.

My product is great because it is really hard to find things that you have no idea where they are, but if you have a tracker, it will be perfect.

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