BT ear buds
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Hi I’m Rylee, I believe I have a great invention. Do you ever listen to music on your laptop or computer with your ear buds and walk away because you forget that they are in? Or do you just get your ear bud cords all tangled up? Well you won’t with this invention!

The name of my product is BT (blue tooth) ear buds. You can hook them up too any electronic device and listen to music wirelessly!

My product will be successful because I know that my cords always get mixed up with other peoples and I always walk away from the computer with my ear buds in. I asked other people if this also happened to them and they said yes.

My product would succeed because this is a problem some people have. It costs me 10 dollars to make these ear buds and I would sell them for 15 dollars, I would earn 5 dollars for each pair I sell.

People ages 10 – 20 would by my product because if you are maybe sitting in a boring class or meeting you could just listen to music without anybody knowing!

The way I would advertise my product is by using ads because I know a lot of people today use phones and computers.

If somebody says my product wouldn’t work I would say it would work because this is a problem that people have and this product will fix it.

A pit fall of my product is losing the ear buds, but you can choose what volume you want your ear buds to be at and you can put an alarm on your ear buds and play it from your phone. This will allow a loud sound to come out of your ear buds so you could find them.

My product is great because kids are always trying to listen to music without their teacher or parents knowing so you could just use this product.

You should join me in this product because I know it will make a lot of money!