Business Plan
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Hello, I am Aidan K and I am looking to start a business. It will be making and selling origami. My company's name will be “Works of Art”. It will be used to decorate houses and rooms.

My product will be successful because I will be selling quality origami for a low price. The cost for the easy models will be $2-$2.50, and $3-$4 for the advanced. My profit margin will be $1.50-$2 for the easy models, and $2.50-$3.50 for the advanced.

My target population is art lovers of any age that are into paperwork decorations. I will advertise to these potential buyers by putting my store in a nice, popular place like a mall and make it pretty by putting up nice decorations and giant origami. I will open in December, the holiday season, and put up a sign in September that says “Works of Art Origami Studio: Coming in December….”.

People will want to buy my product because the origami will be attractive and made on patterned paper. One potential pitfall of my business is that people might not want to buy origami while shopping in a mall because of the price. But the price is because of the time and quality put into the product. I will overcome this pitfall by making my models on patterned paper and adding seasonal gifts and new models each week.

My product is great because it is quality origami for a low price. My business is great because of its quality, style, advertisement, opening time, and my new weekly models. For these reasons, I urge you to join the business.