Business Plan

Do you want a bagel? Well I’m selling really good bagels. People can choose if they want their bagel toasted and/or with cream cheese. There are lots of kinds of bagels and lots of kinds of cream cheese. I will buy them for 50 cents and sell them for $1 each plus 5 more cents for cream cheese but people usually buy more than one. People 16 – 40 years old will buy them. I’ll have ads on the internet and on TV.
I only get 50 cents for each bagel but bagels aren’t worth that much and who would buy them if they are like $3? If people buy more than one or if they buy cream cheese I’ll get more money. Everyone likes bagels. My bagel store sells them with cream cheese or toasted. There are so many kinds of cream cheese and bagels. I might not make much money but it would all add up. Who wouldn’t want a bagel?

I will sell bagel sandwiches and drinks now but I will still sell bagels and cream cheese. I will buy drinks for $1 and sell them for $2 sandwich stuff I will buy for 75cents and sell bagel sandwiches for $3 now I will make more money maybe I will sell more kinds of bagels. I will also let people for example buy half a blueberry bagel and half a plain bagel instead of one plain one. I will buy the bagel ingredients for still 50cents but I will sell bagels for $2 each now I will also sell the cream cheese by itself for 75cents.