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Hello I’m Asia White, today I’m presenting the Bluetooth jacket a all seasons jacket with Bluetooth, when you go for a run your ear buds always fall out or you have to arrange them, well when you run, or any activity you can listen to music in your hearing reach.

My company AN’W Sports will also sell shoes, balls, and helmets with Bluetooth, gear, snowboards, skis, boots, clothes, socks, and goggles.

My main products are the Bluetooth jacket, helmet, and ear muffs. Most people get so frustrated with their ear buds that it annoys them, some of the ear buds.

My products will succeed because their ear buds fall out and get frustrated. I will sell my Bluetooth jacket for 70$, my Bluetooth helmets for 80$ for snowboarding/ skiing but for skateboarding and biking helmets will be for 50$, the Bluetooth ear muffs will be for 30$.
It will only cost 30$ to make the stuff.

The people who buy the products are people who are active like for helmets you need to protect your head if you fall and the jackets for everyone how likes to do things and listen to music and ear muffs when you’re cold and want to listen to music, but it will cost 10 extra dollars if you want Bluetooth with no WIFI. The products are for everyone.

I will advertise on Instagram, twitter, and Pintrist. I will make a ton of my products then head a fair rent a tent to sell my products but if my company sells if it does I will make a building to make it if it goes out of my main products I have other products to sell.