Hi, my name is Bella and I am a competitive swimmer. One of the scariest thing about going to meets, are having your goggles fall off after your dive. That means that if you are swimming a long event like a 500, they will be off the whole race. My product is a contact lens that will work as goggles. You can open your eyes underwater and they will keep all the water out, and your eyes will stay healthy. My product is called Water Wear Lenses.

My product will be very successful because so many people lose their goggles during an event and it is so devastating. My product will keep swimmers swimming! My product will succeed because so many people have to swim without goggles and they cannot swim as fast as their competitors. Losing your goggles is also very embarrassing. Another great thing about my product is that you can wear these contacts all throughout the day. My product will cost me $20 to make and I will sell it to customers for $60. I will sell 6 contacts in a pack. The money will help me pay for my stands at swim meets and help me pay for making more contacts.

My product will benefit everybody from kids learning how to tread water, all the way to Olympic swimmers. I will advertise by having a stand where people can buy my product and the stands will be at swim meets. I will also ask sporting stores like Nike and Dunham’s to sell my product. I will also have a social media page for my product. I will post pictures or videos of people using my product.

My product is great because everyone can use them and they actually work. My product will keep you getting good times and swimming fast. I can guarantee you my product will have a huge hit. My business will blow goggles out of the water! I can't do it alone, I need your help. Water Wear Lenses will keep swimmers swimming and winning!