Business Plan
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Hi my name is Eric Fuderer. I attend Berkshire middle school. I am in 6th grade. I am 12 years old. I am here to present outdoor adventures. Have you ever heard your parent saying that you can't have your headphones while skateboarding or have you got the lecture about wearing a helmet while skiing or snowboarding well, you never have to listen to those lectures ever again!
I have 2 products the 1st one is called sk8Jamz, It is a skateboard with a built in speaker. The 2nd is called A Head Full of Music, The Head Full of Music is a ski helmet that has headphones built in.
My product will be successful because you can be safe while doing the two things you like.
I would sell sk8 jamz for $180 and the head full of music for $90. My profit margin would be about $20 dollars for the helmet and about $30 dollars for the skateboard.
A lot of people will buy it because it is cheaper than other brands. People that like music and skateboarding would buy it and people that like to ski and listen to music they can do it easy at the same time.
Parents love it because your kids can be safe when they are skateboarding or skiing.