Entrepreneurial Project Page


Complete following handout and submit to the wiki(If you are still unable to join the wiki, email it to bj04bps@birmingham.k12.mi.us).

After opening the document, re-name it to your last name. Otherwise, it will be deleted on the wiki page.

Posting Page

Business Plan Posting Page

Marketing/Advertising (begin 1/5)

Marketing/advertising a product is critical to all businesses. We cannot purchase what we do not know exists. Please read the following below for an introduction.

10 Reasons to market a product

Ice Bucket Challenge=Marketing Brilliance!

Target Market

Steps to Marketing a Product

Marketing Ideas (Lululemon) Fixed!

Additional Marketing Ideas

Post Here

Marketing Plan 1/12/15

1.Work on the document below.

2. Go to the Business Plan Page you are using
3. Create a new section entitled "Marketing Plan" (make it a header)
4. Complete the Marketing Plan Outline (Use the Completed Plan as a reference)
5. If you struggle with completing certain items, the Internet is a wonder place and research is a wonderful skill!
6. Upon completing the plan, continue with page design.
View link below to write a vision statement
Examples of mission/vision statements

Business Websites Posting Page

1. Read the article below.
Article on Social Media Advertising

2. You will create a social media page for your business (one for each group member).

  • Create a social media page for each group member
  • Embed if possible or link..or screenshot.

Commercial 1/21/15

Complete a well organized commercial script. Complete the following below as you will need to complete this before you are allowed to film.

If finished, view an iMovie for iPad tutorial!

Example 1

Example 2 (Sports)

Example 3(Socks)

Thing you should know how to do on iMovie(Consider these before filming)

  1. Cut Clips
  2. Trim Clips
  3. Record Audio
  4. Slow Motion/Speed up
  5. Insert pictures
  6. Add Sound effects
  7. Background Music

Posting the commercial to the wiki (2/5/15)

  1. Save your iMovie to the camera roll.
  2. Create a dropbox account (dropbox is an app on the iPad.....use your school e-mail).
  3. Save the iMovie from the camera roll to the dropbox.
  4. Put the Ipad away, grab a laptop.
  5. Visit dropbox.com and access your account.
  6. Save the iMovie from your dropbox on your H-Drive (give unique name). You will download the video, but click save instead of download. After it downloads, you will need to "move file" to H-Drive.
  7. Upload the the Imovie from your H-Drive as an image.

Business Pitch